Teleconferencing has the potential to bring people together who have previously had to travel long distances to either receive training or conduct business. The Hyde Park Forum offers a simple and effective teleconference solution with state of the art technology.

Teleconferencing Capabilities:

Superior voice quality

Double duplex system eliminates echoes, clipped words and reverberations for more natural two-way conversation.

Easy to use

The keypad operates just like any other handset phone, including mute button and flash key.

Superior sound quality

For small to medium sized meetings. The digitally tuned speaker provides full 360-degree room coverage so you can move around while speaking.

Facilities for up to 12 incoming calls

Teleconferencing Rates

Teleconferencing Unit $75.00 Half Day Hire*
$125.00 Full Day Hire*
* Excludes outgoing call costs and room hire charges.

Teleconference Packages

Package includes 1 ½ hours room hire, teleconference unit and associated call costs as listed below. If extra time is required surcharges are applicable (based on availability).

Teleconferencing Package - Local $225.00
Surcharge of $15.00 per 15 minutes
Teleconferencing Package – Australia Wide $250.00
Surcharge of $25.00 per 15 minutes
Teleconferencing Package - International $295.00
Surcharge of $35.00 per 15 minutes